Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Daddy's Day!

I sometimes think this of my own children. ;p

It has been a pretty chillax week. My sweet little Emmett turned 6 months old. *sniffle sniffle*

Such a big boy! Now if I could just get Taylor to stop trying to wrestle him. Sheesh.

So it's about to be Father's Day. Tomorrow for all you people who forgot. I can't help but think about two people close to me who recently lost their daddies. One of which, this will be her first Father's Day without hers. If you still have your daddy, never take him for granted!!

Tonight my dad made fish. I was ridiculed for at least an hour by him because I wanted to bake mine instead of frying it like the rest was. Apparently I am "un-American." Whatevs pops. I also was "wasting" aluminum foil. My dad, being the engineer that he is, thought that my way of encasing the fish in foil was not correct and made me a nice little basket out of foil for me to cook the fish in. I tried explaining that I didn't need that, and this basket would require me "wasting" more foil because I would have to put a piece over the top of said basket. He then informed me, "Yeah, well that's the point of the basket. You put another piece on top to enclose the fish."

...huh? I'm wasting foil but you want me to use another piece to put on top? Ohhh myyyy gaaawd. He can be so exhausting, but I lovers him. ;p

And my baked fish was delicious, just so you know. AND I dismantled the basket and went back to my own method and everything was JUST fine. But I did get to hear about it for another 30 minutes. *shrug*

I wish everyone the best Father's Day possible and thank you Brad for being such an amazing, attentive daddy. Our children couldn't ask for a better dad and we are so lucky to have you in our lives! Thank you for loving me enough to pick me to be their mama.

(Ugh. I hate that beard.)

Just a thought to leave you guys with:

Until next time!

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