Sunday, April 22, 2012

About Last Night...

Conversation between me and Danielle this morning following a party at JJ's:

(via text)

Me: I fell last night and busted my chin on a rock and have a huge strawberry. Sloppy sloppy sloppy.

Danielle: Fail Barbie fail

Me: You know it's a good party when you have to apply Polysporin to half your face the next morning.

Danielle: I'm proud you're using Polysporin on a less serious note. Did everyone happen to see it?!

Me: No. It was when we were walking to the car. But I mean damn! It be dark in those woods walking to the car! I'm pretty sure Brad and Chris Ruthven had to carry me to the car after Rhett Butler style.

Danielle: Oh shit guh! It was dark in dem woods! Hope that pretty face ain't too beat up

Me: The strawberry takes up most of my chin. It's pretty impressive.

Danielle: Boo I'm hungry

Me: Me too. Brad is going to be working outside in a little while. Wanna lay in the bed with me and watch Netflix?

Danielle: Yes after we get food

Me: Do I have to get out of bed for this food excursion? Because I really really don't want to

Danielle: No you don't

...and that right there is friendship bitches.

On a side note: Thank you JJ for hosting an amazing party. Thank you to everyone else for allowing me to be uncomfortably cuddly with y'all. And sorry for trying to kiss you Laura.

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